sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

Day 3

The third day activity was initially to create a structure made from spaghetti using a glue gun that would hold 3 balls (not touching each other).

Before we started creating the structure, we had to draw several designs in our sketchbook, of al the different possible structures that could hold the balls. Making these sketches helped me during the 3D development as I had a clear idea on how to start and an image on how the structure would look like.

The difficulty was working with spaghetti as they needed to break, and sometimes not stick properly between each other.

Although I had many problems during the creation of the structure, I was pleased with the final piece as it architectonically looked appealing.

The most challenging thing after proving that our structure could hold the tree balls separate was too reforce the piece. With paper we had to find a solution and cover the structure so it would not break when a heavy object was dropped on it.

I found it difficult to no break the structure when I was covering it in paper. To be assured that it would not be that easy to destroy I rolled up paper which I introduced into the structure so when the heavy object was dropped it would impact on the reinforced rolls and not directly onto the spaghetti structure.

jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Day 2

Our following task given on the second day for 3D design was to build a bride.
Using one structure I had created for the Fashion and Textiles rotation week I was inspired by its geometrical lines, and thought of designing a bridge that would apply the lines that created the structure.

The following images are from the structure, and the designs made in my sketchbook from it.

I was not pleased with the final outcome of the bridge as I realized my design was too complicated to put into practice, and I had to simplify the structure, although I conserved some of the basic ideas.

The bridge ended up not having an interesting shape, it only stuck to the main brief which was to create a bridge, and I was not able to include a more designed and appealing shape to it.

martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013


Day 1

On our first day for 3D Design during the rotation week, we were introduced into a different way of designing.

During the first session we purely worked on a 2D basis, but we were teached in a practical way how we can design starting from one concept and creating a totally different things from it. This was very stimulating to me, as it opened a new window of options and thoughts on how I could design products. It was very challenging because it was hard to quickly create something new from a shape or an object t that we had drawn.
When we finished all of the sketches, I felt my imagination more loose, and powerful as I had succeeded in tackling the problems of creating something different form an existing shape or object we where given.


The next activity was to make a support 20cm high that would hold a full water bottle. The main struggle with this task was the time limit and the restrictions in use of materials. To try and overcome this problem, my purpose was to start experimenting on the structure straight away, with no design, but a vague idea on how I wanted the structure to be. As I had realized during the Fashion and Textiles rotation week, I am more able to view the final work if I’m working 3D, rather than drawing the designs.

The water bottle support ended up fulfilling all the requirements which were that it had to be 20 cm high and that it had to support the bottle.

I was really pleased with my final outcome as it turned out to be a really curious architectural structure that was able to support the water bottle.

Our final task for the day we had to build a chair or support from cardboard were we could sit down without breaking it. My idea was to create two triangles that would be separated by a plain hexagonal top (working as a table top) reinforcing the structure. The difficulty was to work again with a time and material restrictions, but I overcome this problem by firstly thinking and designing the chair, and then building it.