jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Day 2

Our following task given on the second day for 3D design was to build a bride.
Using one structure I had created for the Fashion and Textiles rotation week I was inspired by its geometrical lines, and thought of designing a bridge that would apply the lines that created the structure.

The following images are from the structure, and the designs made in my sketchbook from it.

I was not pleased with the final outcome of the bridge as I realized my design was too complicated to put into practice, and I had to simplify the structure, although I conserved some of the basic ideas.

The bridge ended up not having an interesting shape, it only stuck to the main brief which was to create a bridge, and I was not able to include a more designed and appealing shape to it.

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  1. These paper bridges are very strong and allow me to see your talent for 3D you have been able to use your very precise style and transform it into these very sharp geometric bridges which are very appealing to the eye. If I could advise anything I would perhaps keep making more because these images are really strong and work very nicely. Furthermore I am glad you thought about the practicality of the pieces as well as there appearance perhaps you could sketch out an alternative.