jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

Day 3

The task was to create our own story (Beginning, Middle, End)

We had to lay it out and explain our story to our critique group, each of us commenting on the stories and giving new ideas to improve the stories.

I was not happy with my final outcome, as the story turned out to be very vague and not interesting. I had been able to create amusing characters (condoms) which lived in a human world, but the problem was too simple and boring. The way I could make it a real story is to change the problem, and the end.

2 comentarios:

  1. I really like that you have been honest and stated that you weren't happy with what you made as it shows that you are able to recognise when you can improve which is important in developing your creative skills.

  2. I think that this storyboard is really effective, you have been able to use bold lines and colour to excite the viewers if you were to show this to a client it does capture a lot of excitement which is why I don't think the story is as boring as what you think. I think you should consider perhaps changing one even and adding a big struggle which is unexpected to take the story out of the mundane and into the exciting.