lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Day 2

On our second day of Lens Based Media, we were introduced to the construction of a story:
  1. Beginning
  2. Middle
  3. End

All stories are about change. The beginning is a setting of the ordinary world in which the character lives. Then comes the problem (it is always fundamental to introduce a problem) a factor that will hook the audience in. And finally, the end, in which a resolution has to be exposed.

During the afternoon we were put into groups of 4, and asked to create characters, that we would then use to create stories (storyboards).

These are the following stories that we came up with:
  1. A Scary figure lives in a spider tunnel I a graveyard. The scary figure sleeps throughout night. He is the Santa of Breakfastday, so he spends all year floating and moving with his dust cloud preparing breakfast.
  2. A frog lives in a fridge, he eats rotten food every day and cleans vegetables with his mouth.
  3. A Clown lived in hogwards, he studies a Foundation in Magical Design. His teacher is Voldemort who’s class is taught in a beach.
  4. The Afro man lives in the sunflower field. His house is a coffin, and he makes a living out of sunflower oil. He is addicted to sunflower joints.

  1. Scary figure mist doesn’t work
  2. Frog eats blue cheese thinking it is rotten food and gets poisoned.
  3. Everyone has been lying to him, he is no magical clown.
  4. Heat wave, and all the sunflowers burn.

  1. He calls Santa for a favour and he lends him Rudolph under the condition he will have sex with him.
  2. He has to kiss the next person who opens the fridge.
  3. He realizes Voldemort is evil, and that he is better off Hogwarts.
  4. He decides to move to the next field (marijuana). He earns more money and gets addicted.

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